Vault can be used to solve a wide range of use cases. Some of these use cases are described in the following sections. With Vault, your team will spend less time on low-level manual data extraction tasks and can be more focused on making your business operations run smoothly!

Renewal and break clause detection and tracking

Supplier, client, and vendor agreements often contain renewal or break clauses. Keeping track of these dates can be a challenge when they are being managed across multiple business units. Individual business units might have spreadsheets in place to keep track of this information. However, spreadsheets often conflict with each other or contain information which is out of date.

Vault helps COOs, CFOs and Procurement leaders keep on top of their renewal and break clauses so that they can avoid expensive renewals.

Contract Compliance

Invoices often contain terms that contradict those agreed in the contracts because finance teams do not have the ability to extract them from the contracts effectively. Inconsistencies between invoices, purchase order forms and contracts can cause payment and procurement delays.

Vault solves contract compliance by making the information readily searchable and by connecting the data points together.

HR compliance

Serving notice periods and tracking holiday allowances correctly is a key part of HR compliance, especially during redundancies or business planning exercises.

Vault automates HR compliance by making the HR data stored in contracts easily searchable and accessible.

More use cases

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Vault demo

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